What do I do?

And why does it matter?

I help clients all over the world to get their messages across in the most compelling and persuasive ways. I apply my experience and expertise to help brands, businesses, organisations and individuals convey character, engage at emotional level, articulate ideas and concepts clearly, and win hearts as well as minds. Ultimately, to move them away from the hard sell and focus on secure long-term relationships with their target audiences.

Sounds grand, but it’s true. And it happens in all kinds of ways. Pinning down and applying a true and distinctive tone of voice. Coming up with conceptual campaign headlines, animation scripting, or launching new products and services to specific audiences on multiple channels and platforms. Helping the next generation of talented writers to engage in more powerful, persuasive, meaningful, and ultimately more human ways. Or simply turning management jibber-jabber or technical jargon into accessible and informative prose. 

The variety is almost infinite, and that’s what I love about what I do.

Whoever, whatever and wherever you are, I can help you use words to entice, entertain and enthuse people. Make your messages memorable. Stand out. Stick in people’s minds.

But how?
Here's how...
I live and work in Exeter, UK, a fantastic city with coast and moorland within easy reach – and great travel links. I share a garden office with my partner and illustrator, Sue, and we share our home with Chloe the cat. I’m a music lover (and musician of sorts), a mountain- and motorbiking enthusiast, and a lifelong fan of Manchester City FC.

Enough about me. Over to you.

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