Copy and content services

Whatever your sector, audience, platform and objectives, I can help. I provide the full range of writing services, plus critique, consultancy and coaching.

Copywriting and editing

Truly effective copywriting means making sure you’re saying the right things, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

It calls on an understanding not just of your business, but also of the market you compete in, the audiences you’re aiming at and what they seek from you – and how you can stand out in the crowd by saying things that prick their ears up.

By calling on my expertise and experience, you can start communicating more persuasively… in ways that help you achieve your goals.

Content strategy and creation

Communicating regularly and more socially with your audience. Reminding them you’re there, and that you care. Keeping the relationship current and informal.

Just about every business or organisation does it, but not everyone does it well. A good content strategy – and consistent ‘soft’ messaging – can work wonders.

Tone of voice

Reflecting your brand and its values accurately, in what you say and how you say it. Defining and applying a distinct tone of voice, and transforming how you come across.

And of course, you’ll need a writer and editor who can make sure your tone of voice is consistent and ‘true to you’, on all channels. That’s me, by the way… or I can coach your writer(s) if you prefer.

Critique and strategy

For an experienced communicator, a copy critique is a quick and simple exercise – and with me it’s free. I’ll tell you what I honestly think, and if I see room for improvement, I’ll explain how, along with why it matters. If you agree, let’s decide on the most effective way to transform what you’ve got, and what you create from here on.


A good copywriter understands how words, themes and imagery work together to capture people’s imagination, and create remarkable and memorable campaigns.

Conceptual copywriting is a powerful way to tell stories, sell socially, and entertain existing and potential customers.

Workshops, coaching and presentations

Individual or group coaching can help you improve your own writing, and I can tailor workshops and presentations to specific needs. Perhaps to help you roll out a new tone of voice or support a specific campaign, or simply to share some helpful tips for better business writing.


Whatever strategy works best for you.

Let’s talk about your objectives and your audience.

Time to discuss your project…