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Whatever your sector, audience, platform and objectives, better writing gets better results.


As well as providing the full range of writing services, I also support brands and businesses in identifying better content marketing approaches, and help in-house teams and individual writers with simple workshops and one-to-one training.


Truly effective copywriting means making sure you’re saying the right things, in the right way, to the right people, at the right time. 

It calls on an understanding not just of your business, but also of the market you compete in, the audiences you’re aiming at and what makes them tick – and how you can stand out from the crowd by saying things that stick.

This is the firm foundation for communicating more persuasively… in ways that help you achieve your goals.

Content strategy and creation

Communicating regularly and more ‘socially’ with your audience is a subtle reminder that you’re there for, and care about, your audience. It’s a great way to build informal relationships and stay ‘in their orbit’.

Just about every business or organisation does it, but few do it well.

So a solid, thought-out content strategy that ensures consistent ‘soft’ messaging based on a clear understanding of your audiences – really can work wonders.

Tone of voice

Reflecting your brand and its values accurately, in what you say and how you say it, is important. Doing it consistently is crucial. Defining and applying a distinct tone of voice that’s ‘true to you’ transforms your communications – and done well, it can be a genuine differentiator in a busy marketplace. 

With so many brands saying pretty much the same thing, those who sound true to themselves, however and wherever they communicate, tend to prevail. A tone of voice exercise helps you discover ‘how you sound’, and builds brand affinity whatever you’re saying. 


Consultancy can mean all sorts of things. For me, it ranges from a quick copy critique, to an in-depth audit of your marketing communications, to advice and insight on specific campaigns, to support with re-branding exercises, and so on. 

Whichever it is, I’ll give you an honest opinion, and appropriate suggestions for the best way forward… with full rationale. If you agree, and see the value of those suggestions, let’s co-design and implement a strategy for success. 


Good copywriters understand how words, themes and imagery work together to capture people’s imagination, and create remarkable and memorable campaigns. It’s about being brave and playful, but also knowing when you’ve hit on the ‘big idea’ that everything else can tune into. 

Conceptual copywriting is a powerful way to tell big stories through the subtle interplay of choice words and simple imagery. 

Workshops and training

Individual or group coaching can help you improve your own writing, and I can tailor workshops and presentations to specific needs, or to support specific projects. Maybe you’re rolling out a new tone of voice, or could simply do with some helpful tips for better business writing – for groups or individuals. 

Workshops are typically one-off group sessions that focus on the fundamentals, while training can be designed to support a wide range of aims and requirements. Whichever you need, let’s make it count, and have fun while we’re at it. 

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