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George Caveney

About us… what about it?

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One of the golden rules – for any kind of writing – is asking yourself if what you want to say is what anyone really wants to hear. A good copywriter has to ask this question continuously of his or her own writing, and be wary of what clients think people are remotely interested in… Read More

Why develop a tone of voice?

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Used effectively, words shape how people perceive us. What we say, and how we say it, helps us articulate who we are and what we stand for. As much as – if not more than – how we look and behave, it’s what we say and how we say it that defines us. As individuals, we use this to charm, persuade, reassure and convince people. Read More

Just stop it – there is no formula

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Yes, there are common principles. There are things we can all agree on as constituting ‘wow’, ‘pretty good’, ‘not very good’, or ‘dreadful’. But please, please, please… can we stop with the ‘ten simple steps to copy nirvana’, the ‘sure-fire techniques for creating powerful content’ and all the other fast lane and short-cut throwaway articles? Can we? Read More